Sometimes I Twitch Out

I have no clue if this is normal for everybody or if it is unique to me, but sometimes, maybe up to five times a week, I will completely twitch out for like 3 seconds. It only happens when I am alone, and what happens is I feel some shiver deep down and I have to shake it out of my body like a demon, and then it leaves my body through a loud vocal sound of some sort. Sometimes this feeling happens when I am around others and I can suppress it into just a big shiver. Maybe there is something the matter with me, but maybe not. Whenever I do this and make some random sound, I am grateful nobody was around to see the episode, because it is a normal occurrence for me, but an onlooker might have some questions to which I have no answers. IDK people! contact me if this happens, I think you can comment on these things.

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