Potatoes are Seeds

I am waking up to the world. I struggle to know if those around me think about things the way I do. NO not about potatoes being seeds, that was just a lucky curse that happened into my thoughts. What I am talking about is day-to-day reality. If I am a simulation, so be it, but I still will enjoy life while I have it. If this is a freak accident of nature I will still enjoy it. If nothing goes my way I will still enjoy it. If the rapture comes I will not repent, out of stubbornness. If I die tomorrow it will have been a waste, but if I am immortal I think I’ll get bored. If given the opportunity to blow up a far off planet and see it happen, I would. If I could make world peace, I probably wouldn’t because that would be boring and overpopulation would kill my grandkids. If I could fly I wouldn’t because then I would be a bird and not a human. If I could travel through time, I would be a human on Earth in the Milky Way galaxy named Gary who does blogs, who measures said time in planetary spin/revolutions around the sun. If I was an alien, there would be life on other planets. If I was Christopher Columbus, I’d have a holiday in my name. If I was the richest person in the world, I’d be Jeff Bezos. What I see is that I can’t change the world, I can only adapt to it. I cannot control anything except myself and honestly thats a relief. How the heck easy is that? We have almost total voluntary control over ourselves. That is a nice feeling to have. 

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