Autumn is here

T’is the season. Its actually been here since early September. It came very abruptly. One day it was summer, the next it was fall. I find it funny that nobody talks about it though. They love to talk about the day-to-day weather, but I never hear one remark about the seasons changing. I think people like to focus on the negative too much, too. The only people that bring up the weather are the ones that complain about the cold or complain about the heat, though there are certainly those that say “what lovely weather we’re having!” I don’t understand the complaint because at least we aren’t on Mars where its awful there. At least we aren’t in Florida where its gators and hurricanes. At least we don’t have wild fires or tornados or tropical storms or earthquakes. It is quite lovely here really. The changing of the seasons makes me appreciate each one for what it is. It forces me to take advantage of the summer before it gets too cold to do the things that can only be done during summertime. Perhaps not everybody thinks in the negative way I think they might, though. I like to appreciate my surrounding environment, for if I cannot appreciate where I am, how can I begin to appreciate anything else in my life. My circumstances put me on my path, just as yours do, and I must work with them as they come. I must adapt myself to the cold or the heat or I will be nowhere. Say I were to stop all advances in the winter.. This would put me behind come spring and I will have lost time off my life ultimately. Why lose time when I can suffer a little bit in the cold and accomplish what it is I want to accomplish. What is it I want to accomplish you ask? nothing in particular, but I want that window to remain open at all times (not literally its too cold out). Seasonal depression is weird too. Stop thinking that everything is going to be great all the time. Lower your standards and maybe you will smile for once. Things are great if you want them to be only. Very Subjective. The snow is cool, sunburns are cool, the mushy brown grass in March is cool, and the dead leaves blowing across the road in October that you think for a second might be a frog or chipmunk are cool. Its all good stuff. Where do the bugs go when it snows anyway? Do they lay eggs underground and die? Do they fly south? Sometimes in the woods when it snows there are these tiny black flies that chill out in the snow. I’d like to know more about those guys.

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